HONF (House of Natural Fiber)


The House Of Natural Fiber started as Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory, it was run by a community in Yogyakarta. They implement a methodology called Open –Community, which is mostly concerned with the needs of cross-collaborative actions responding to technology development and practical use in daily life.

In the beginning, they started off as a young community with various backgrounds and ideals. They wanted to do whatever they wished, but with a natural inclination to create with the spirit of togetherness and not to work simply for personal profit. They creation is pointing for themselves, their family, the society and their environments. This was the basis for the first actions and the commitment between them. Since 1999, they have been concentrating on the principles of critique and innovation. Thinking forward, positivity and creativity have become the vision for HONF. In the implementation of this vision, in every program, they work towards the development of art, science and technology for the society. By this vision HONF initiated Education Focus Program (EFP), a curriculum which acts as the guideline for every HONF activity that is created to respond to the global situations and conditions in Indonesia.

EFP concentrates on interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges and collaborations in critical analysis towards local and global issues and creating innovative ideas to seek solutions for them. EFP’s main objective is to build a modern mind and mentality of society by bridging art, science and technology that is useful in processing local potentials into beneficial outputs for the society based on human uses and urgent needs.

To accelerate the impact of EFP to the society, Cellsbutton – Yogyakarta international media art festival and yivf – yogyakarta international videowork festival was held annually to invite local and international communities to collaborate and expand new possibilities in creative innovations and solutions.


The House of Natural Fiber (HONF), as a historically and socially specific interpretation of four key avant-garde principles: to break with the autonomy of art, engage with the praxis of life, provide utopian visions, and present aesthetic innovation. The HONF art projects explore the interaction between life, art, science and technology in both practical and aesthetic ways. They not only reflect on the tremendous impact of communication media and other technology on social and natural environments in Indonesia and worldwide, but they also provide scenarios for alternative ways of dealing with these environments. Aesthetically, they are innovative in their exploration of the field of presentation rather than representation. (text by: Edwin Jurriens)

Education Focus Program

A curriculum guidelines
Education Focus Program (EFP) is a program initiated by HONF in forms of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange in art, science and technology. It is developed responding educational situations and conditions in developing country (Indonesia). EFP directive is to build a modern mind of a future on technology, based on human uses, needs and knowledge through interdisciplinary backgrounds using education as the core of every activity. To accelerate EFP impact to the society, Cellsbutton – Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival and YIVF – Yogyakarta International Videoworks Festival was initiated annually engaging public by gathering international artists, engineers, theorists, researchers and scientist to have cross-mutually-exchange in knowledge. EFP implementation takes form of presentations, discussions and workshops involving interdisciplinary dialogues, innovative ideas and critical analysis in technology applications thus allowing transdisciplinary responsive actions between personals, communities and institutions.

Since end of 2010, HONF Foundation were formed as transformation of the community. Therefore, 3 labs are established to represent HONF’s vision and mission, the outreach of its EFP curriculum to engage and work with the communities and society. These 3 labs are v.u.f.o.c Lab, HONFablab (FabLab Yogyakarta) and HONFaktori.

Contact: Venzha(at)yahoo.com | agrivine(at)yahoo.com | t(at)honf.org