ISSS Alongside NASA “A Human Adventure”

ISSS (Indonesia Space Science Society) presented by Venzha Christ and v.u.f.o.c team,  get a chance to exhibit along with NASA “A Human Adventure” Exhibition in Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sand, Singapore.

Working with artists, scientists, astronomers and engineers in Indonesia, Venzha established Indonesia Space Science Society as a framework for the exploration of space from a different perspective. Whilst lacking the means that large space agencies such as NASA have, the Indonesia Space Science Society provides us with a compelling encounter with space nonetheless.

The art installation at ArtScience Museum results from the science of radio astronomy. The installation presents radio waves from space, sent and collected through self-made radio antennas gathering precise data from astronomical objects in space. The transmitted signals received from the planets and stars are then visually displayed and decoded into audible sounds which constitute the soundscape present in this gallery. Radio waves, together with light waves, have changed the way we view the Universe and dramatically increased our knowledge of it.

The Indonesia Space Science Society shows us that that space is a continuous source of inspiration that compels practitioners from all fields to understand the universe we are within, using both tools and ideas of science, and those of art.

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