Mini Museum of Utsuro-bune

Venzha Christ’s (co-founder of v.u.f.o.c from HONF Foundation) fascination with the universe and space science has driven him to produce a variety of works and to initiate events including international SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) symposiums.

For KENPOKU ART 2016, Venzha researched “Utsuro-bune (hollow ship)”, a mysterious vessel, which drifted on the shore of lbaraki during the Edo period (1803). The folklore has been recorded that a foreign woman appeared from the vessel covered with indecipherable Letters, and moreover in the paleography, the boat was depicted in the form of a UFO. To identify Utsuro-Bune, the artist used archives as well as interviewed the Local residents who have witnessed UFOs. What Venzha created are three destinations of the imagination in the history of Utsuro-Bune.

This Mini Museum of Utsuro-Bune has been produced by deep conversations and collaborative research with many experts in space science, astrophysics, extra-terrestrial life, science fiction, history, and also practitioners from many institutions. This year he just Launched a new institution called: ISSS – Indonesia Space Science Society. He dedicates himself to research projects in the field of space exploration, extraterrestrial life and ancient technology through the particular platform of v.u.f.o.c.