XPLORE Showcase Exhibition

In response to the emerging field of new media art scene in Indonesia, ARCOLABS and HONF launch XPLORE New Media Art Incubation, a program designed to support today’s generation of artists by equipping them with the skills and networks needed to contribute solutions to current and future challenge. For this year, we seek to discover ways to create social impact and bring changes into the society through the works and practices of three young artists:

– M. Hafiz @havizmaha (Jakarta)
– Mira Rizki Kurnia @mirarizkik (Bandung)
– Chalida Asawakanjanakit @asawach(Bangkok)

Following the workshops in Jakarta and FabCamp in Yogyakarta, each artist will #xplore various topics from city life to art education through interactive installations and participatory artworks. Come, enjoy, and wonder in the first XPLORE showcase on 13-26 July at @honf_lab, Yogyakarta!