7 Days of Hacking

7 Days of Hacking: Hello Bio, Dear Makers, Hi Eco!

HONF held a series of workshops and experimentation named 7 Days of Hacking that started October 22nd. Every activities started at 3PM at HONFablab (FabLab Yogyakarta) divided into several topics:

Day 01: Grow Actorium Bacterium Starter and make baking soda crystal plus making grappa drinks.
Hari 02: Making Bio Plastic and Fermentation Dye,  and also grow natural yeast.
Hari 03: Hacking vinyl records, make DIY mold for vinyl record.
Hari 04: Make DIY solar cells.
Hari 05: Make DIY Pocket Theremin#1
Hari 06: Make DIY Pocket Theremin and make rice wine.
Hari 07: Make slime garfiiti (moss graffiti) using natural yeast.