HONF in Mal Au Pixel, Paris

In late June 2010, HONF participated Mal Au Pixel 5, 2010 in Paris, France. HONF was represented by Andreas Siagian who join a conference of Hack/fab/media/alt labs of the world. HONF is the only media lab from Asia who participated in this meeting. In this chance, HONF were presenting open community systematic in inter-community collaborations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

HONF give an overall situation and condition in Indonesia and gave an explanation on how inter-collaborative works could be achieve between creative communities by giving several case examples.

In the meetings, there were a session of answering and discussion between the labs after each of them giving a presentation on their activities and focus in their countries. The session of discussion are focussing in the point of:
1. Why do we encount many researches on environmental issues, at the crossing of art & technology?

2. What inputs, goals and hopes are raised by many emerging independant labs, in Europe and abroad?
The participants in this conference are representatives from:
Okno (http://okno.be)
Trias Culture(http://triasculture.net)
Ker Thiossane (http://sicap1695.phpnet.org/)
TMPLab (http://tmplab.org/)
HONF (http://natural-fiber.com)
CRAS (http://craslab.org)
Crealab (http://crea-lab.be)
ReFarm the City (http://refarmthecity.org)
DakarLug (http://dakarlug.org)
Mowoso (http://eternalnetwork.org/mowoso)
Pixelache (http://network.pixelache.ac/)