Listening for the Dark: an Astronomical Performance

Listening for the Dark | Vitruvian Man Frontiers

as Indonesian artist Venzha Christ uses his body as a transmitter to receive and decode signals from the planets and the stars. What will we hear?

Astronomical Performance at ArtScience Museum Singapore, January 19th 2017
Presented by Venzha Christ, director of ISSS (Indonesia Space Science Society) & and the House of Natural Fiber (HONF)
Feat: MetzDub, VJNumberone, Irene Agrivina, Yudianto Asmoro, Adjie Bayu Bawono and Hary Yanto

ArtScience Museum present ArtScience Late, as part of the Art and Science of Space season
video shoot and edited by Surya MLDspot

the Trailer#01