up:DATE 0.3 2010

upDATE 0.3

Yogyakarta | Surabaya | Bandung | Jakarta
A collaboration project between UrbanSpace – Ruang Rupa – Common Room – – moddr_ – HONF
supported by Kunci Cultural Studies , Kahima Komunikasi Universitas Airlangga, Dewan Kesenian Surabaya and The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

UPDATE 0.3 is a collaborative project in several cities in Indonesia in the form of presentations, discussions and performances. This project started from an initiative from HONF to establish sustainable and continuous connection with several groups/institutions/communities are active in the field of arts and culture in Indonesia. After Cellsbutton#04 in early August 2010, HONF would like to continue Education Focus Program (EFP) activities to the general public. One of it is the Media program which one of the objectives is to discuss the use of media and contemporary culture influenced with the rapid development of technology on the present time. Another aim is to introduce/strengthen the bond between involving members (groups/institutions/communities/alternative spaces) by exchanging presentations about the activities of each members to open ideas during Update 0.3.

In this project, HONF together with moddr_ have created an attempt to collaborate with Ruang Rupa Jakarta, Common Room Bandung and Urbanspace Surabaya. In October 2010, several members of HONF with moddr_ will held activities in several city in Indonesia such as: Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta. The activities are:


1. Presentation + Discussion>> Media: Web 2.0 SuicideMachine

The use of social networks (in this case, Facebook), Indonesia has reached the third position in in the world with the highest Facebook users in 2010. More than 26 million registered user accounts came from Indonesia to the development of 2.4 million new users per month commencing from the beginning of 2010. This phenomenon is quite contrary to the awareness of various social media platforms (social networks) are fastly increasing in an effort to make everything we do on the internet can be tracked and opened, people began to feel uneasy with how much information about themselves that floats around the web and the amount of time to “pokes”, “like” and the likes. But how do people in Indonesia really understand about this facts looking at the comparison of approximately 30 million internet user with 9 million mobile device users and more than 26 million Facebook accounts registered from Indonesia.

In the responds to fast increase global social media user, Web 2.0 SuicideMachine, a service to commit suicide in social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIN was created by moddr_, a media lab based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Web2.0 SuicideMachine promises an easy and chiq way of getting rid of any social network by automatically cleaning all traces of yourself from your social media past. Danja Vasiliev, Gordan Savicic and Walter Langelaar of moddr_ will present some inside details surrounding the launch of their ‘Web2.0 Suicide Machine’ project, and the ensuing global media attention. Topics include the technical background of the project, the Facebook lawsuit/controversy, and the public’s reactions and general discussion.

2. Workshops
– – Why Fi? workshop.

A workshop that will showcase the ease of cracking WEP/WPA wireless network encryptions as a way for understanding the risks of Wi-Fi networks and will provide participants with handy computer skill for the precarious offline times. Further on, easy ways of securing your own wireless environment will be taught.

– – VJ school program
A workshop on handy softwares for VJing tools, visual motion and interactive systems that is easy to use. The workshops will give several examples on visual programming software such as pure data and how to use basic visual programming to create interactive visual projections.

3. breakcore_LABS 0.9.x [series] performance

breakcore_LABS is an open platform for experimental electronic audiovisual art performances. As one part of the curriculum Education Focus Program (EFP), breakcore_LABS has the objective to provide a forum for experimental electronic audiovisual artists to open communication, expand the network and collaborate with one another. breakcore_LABS sustainably produced events – events, gigs, and parties to provide a forum for these artists to present and promote their works exclusively without loosing the spirit of togetherness in their production process. Overall, the work presents breakcore_LABS – audiovisual works that are still sound “aliens” for the public ear and package open for anybody interested to participate therein. Since its inception in the year 2008, breakcore_LABS has managed to produce 9 series breakcore_LABS music events and an international compilation cd.

About moodr_
moddr_ is a young and upcoming artistic medialab formed in Rotterdam in 2007. Since it’s inception the lab has gained international recognition for innovative projects showcasing a subversive approach to new media and digital culture, culminating in the global success and media spectacle surrounding their “Web2.0 Suicide Machine” in 2010.

The moddr_core-team is Danja Vasiliev (NL/RU), Gordan Savicic (NL/AT) and Walter Langelaar (NL).

The name “moddr_” resembles the dutch word ‘modder’, meaning mud, a name also chosen to indicate that a large part of the lab’s practice involves modification (modding) and re-creation of already existing technology. The lab’s members found they share a general dislike to the idea of contemporary media being labeled ‘new’, and consider it part of their mission to display a critical perspective on issues related to this through their artistic practice.
Basically the lab consists of some very geeky fine-artists…

The output of the moddr_lab consists of hard- and software development, lectures and workshops, public exhibitions/performances/events, collaborative and individual artistic projects – and/or any possible combination of the above.
The lab is part of a larger collective structure called WORM – the “Dutch Institute for AvantGardistic ReCreation” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

http://moddr.net | http://worm.org | http://natural-fiber.com | http://commonroom.info | http://ruangrupa.org | http://kunci.or.id | http://unair.ac.id | http://dksonline.wordpress.com | http://fondsbkvb.nl |