HONF for KIBLIX Fest, Slovenia

HONF in KIBLIX Festival

From 2002 to 2009 KIBLA Multimedia centre was gradually transforming the international, technically oriented open code festival Kiblix into a domain of art and education, its 9th edition in 2010 stepping into an even wider cultural and social field. Oriented into education, KIBLIX Festival is intended for secondary school and university students as well as expert and business audiences interested in information technology, open code, open society and contemporary trans-new-media art.

The programme-formal framework of the 9th edition (2010) is low technology, ecology, open code and dump, waste, i.e. Waste – Technology Minus, as indicated in its title.
Featuring exhibitions, ambient installations and a workshop spanning several days as well as discussions, round tables and a fashion show, and particularly, establishing cooperation and integration of new media and open code festival platforms at home and abroad, the 2010 edition of KIBLIX seeks to lay the foundations for abandoning the exhibition spaces mentioned in favour of the wide field of culture and society, and to launch the 2011 edition already in 2010.

The authors chosen for KIBLIX 2010 are noted for their fresh and uncompromising approach. They dedicate their efforts to real, topical matters in their environments and social realities, providing them with a different, fully considered meaning. To them, open code and computers are media, means of expression, whereas the contents and results are of expressive and critically committed nature. The mathematical art as featured in last year’s selection will this time be upgraded with several artists and projects:
Angelo Vermeulen & Diego Maranan
Armin Wagner
Word Wizard
mixed media
Nic Geeraert
Simon Berz
three video documentation of performance and performance
Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet
Shopping in 1 Minute
interactive (game-art) installation
Varvara Guljajeva
Augmented Photography
interactive installation
Game Broker
konzola game boy
HONF collective – ID
TRIGLAV how are you? – greetings from Merapi

interactive a-v installation
Studio Poper and partners
OPENWEAR – collaborative clothing
mixed media presentation

Irene Agrivina & Adhari Donora (HONF)

Brief Description

For this festival, The House Of Natural Fiber (HONF) will present a new initiated project from the recent activities of mount Merapi. Since its’ erupted in 26 October 2010, mount Merapi in northern part of Yogyakarta has been stated as the most active volcano in the world.
Thousands square cubics of materials was erupted from Merapi, destroying the villages inside 10 km of its’ range and forcing local people to evacuate to the nearest shelter. Its’ volcanic ashes have reached more than 30 km radius, covering several cities around Merapi, such as Solo, Magelang and of course, Yogyakarta. HONF and microbiology UGM are in the early phase of research to investigate Merapi volcanic ashes properties and its’ impact to the environments.

On this participation HONF will present an interactive audiovisual installation exploring volcanic material properties and modi!ed technology. The installation will bring playful interactive system that explore the volcanic materials properties. A visual display of micro properties of the materials will also be projected in the installation. HONF will also give a presentation of the installation works, and interdisciplinary collaborations of open systems that HONF implemented in the community of Yogyakarta.