HONF in Next Wave 2010

After 2 weeks of preparation for S.A.T.U (Saturn Analogy of Trans Urgency) project for Structural Integrity of Next Wave Festival 2010 in Melbourne, Australia, HONF have turn their pavilion in to a dark room filled with hexagonal shapes of aluminum structures. In this pavilion, HONF have installed 3 hexagon installations which experimenting on the influence of Ultra-sound and Infra-sound impact that is undetected by human sensors. A near Ultrasonic audible sounds is also installed to give the audience the feeling of existence inside of the space.

S.A.T.U Installation

S.A.T.U installation created to prove the effects of un-captured energy by human‘s sensors and their presence in reality. The installation use of sound is chosen as it’s physical properties that representing the basic form of energy created by vibration of matters. The facts of every single things in universe is vibrating is also the main consideration to use sounds as the focus of energy in the installation. By experimenting the transmission of sounds (Sonification) in a rotational force and observe its’ effects inside the space, the installation is producing the real application of rotating vortex energy inside the space.

Digital Camera
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Digital Camera

The rotating vortex of energy is a simulation derived from speculations and experiments by scientists as an answer to the reason of the hexagonal shape appearance in Saturn originate from. The installation will then observe the inner and outer space that is created from the boundaries of the vortex by creating several hexagonal shapes in structures to visualize it’s geometrical movements.

The realization of the installation will observe the effects of the Sonification inside the vortex to non-life-forms and life-forms then capture their responses to the Sonification in a vortex hexagonal rotating pattern. The vortex will create a Sonification of three different frequency that is determined from the general limit ability of human hearing. Infrasound (bellow 20 Hz), audible sound (20 Hz – 20 kHz), and Ultrasound (above 20 kHz) will be transmitted in a fast rotation speed that is created by several analog sound instruments.

The first hexagon installation is created to allow the audience to travel through between the inner space and outer space of the hexagon and feel the presence of the energy evaluation of both sides. The second hexagon installation is created to observe the effects of the Sonification to non-life-forms. For the realization of experiment, the installation are using water as a medium of the experiments and capture it’s vibration responds from the Sonification. The third hexagon installation is created to observe the effects of Sonification to life-forms. In this experiment, an indigenous plants that’s common in Victoria region is used as object experiments. Each plants is located on the edge of six edges of hexagons and are observed with real-time analog and digital instruments to identify it’s responds from kinetic energy produced in respond to Sonification. The responds is then projected in visualization in real-time graphical rendering, creating an irregular hexagon shaped based on each of plants energy responds to the Sonification. The installation is also monitoring the space environment situation such as humidity, light intensity, water consumptions, temperature and barometric pressure of the soil where the plants inhabits.

The unification of structural form between science and speculation is the challenge that emerge from the installation. Through community work that is developed by HONF, the installation would like to involve the variety and capability of each individuals in the community and re-construct it in an new format. The installation objective is to create an alignment between art and science, individual and community, energy and space, and reformulate its’ integrity in reality.

S.A.T.U Workshop and Presentation

On 20th of May after Structural Integrity started, HONF have one session of workshop and presentation. The session started with Circle Of Satan (COS) – a platform for exchangesm meetings, sharing, discussions and common thinking. COS is presenting the overall view of past and present situation and condition in Indonesia. COS are disclosing the main reason why HONF was established, and EFP is formulated in responds to this problems. After COS, HONF give an explanation of S.A.T.U project and an explanation of HONF activities in Indonesia. The session is filled with answer and question between HONF and the audience, to have a better understanding on open community system in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Open community extends HONF working methodology in reaching formal and informal institutions to creates collaborative projects, organizing events, and conducting researches in Yogyakarta Indonesia. The session is ended with a workshop related to DIY music instruments and some explanation on how to use several affordable sensors in sound generating instruments. After the session, HONF meets with the audience and gave a more direct approaches in personal questions to the workshops and presentations.