New Media Workers across Asia and Europe Collaboration

Transit Labour 2010

New Media Workers across Asia and Europe: Research Platform for Interregional Collaborations
The central concept that frames this initiative concerns the conditions of labor and life among new media workers in Asia and Europe. Inviting new media practitioners from Asia and Europe to collectively analyze and discuss their work practices with artists and civil society organizers provides an innovative means of tracking transformations in the web-based industries and encouraging dialogue between the regions. In Europe, images of new media practitioners as either exploited precarious workers or free creative spirits abound, but have these same stereotypes proliferated in Asia? What are the cultures of creativity and work that frame these practices? Bringing together various actors whose intellectual, artistic and social expressions confront these questions is highly relevant to policy making that seeks to address the changing relations between culture and economy as well as the ongoing transformations of borders and regions.

7 July: Organizer’s meeting, arrival of participants
8 July: 1.30-6pm – Interviews with participants, Goethe Institute
9 July: 10.30am-5.15pm – Seminar at Goethe Institute
9 July: 6-8pm – Public screenings of videos from participants, Goethe Institute
10 July: Field research
11 July: Field research


Venzha Christ
Mauricio Corbalan
Chen Hangfeng
Maurizio Lazzarato
Geert Lovink
Anja Kanngieser
Angela Melitopoulos
Brett Neilson
Ned Rossiter
Shveta Sarda
David Teh
Soenke Zehle
Manuela Zechner