Ways Fwd : Bersama2


Come and join the showcase exhibition of Ways Fwd: Bersama2
where we can explore together the results of the research and experimentation of last weeks, and dip in some sansevieria breeze!
Come and find out what it is!

Ways Fwd : Bersama2
A project by Eva Bubla

Friday, April 5th, 2019
7.30 pm onward

HONF citizen gallery
Jl. Langenastran Lor, No. 16 A

Yogyakarta “Ways Fwd” is an interdisciplinary art project researching and experimenting with artistic-activist approaches that could contribute to addressing sustainability issues in today’s ecological crisis. Its program in Indonesia is focusing on the potential of working together, or as it is called in Indonesian: bersama2.

What have we worked on together? Discussions with university students about art and ecology, installations and workshop materials that focus on the problem of air pollution and the potential of plants in its remediation.


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