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HONF will Playaround 2010

HONF will be participating the next Playaround 2010 festival in Taiwan. With the theme of DIWO culture (Do It With Others), HONF will be presenting a workshop on Generic Infrastructures Community & Tools. HONF will be represented by Venzha Christ, Irene Agrivina and Tommy Surya. In this festival HONF will be presenting: Read more

HONF in Mal Au Pixel, Paris

In late June 2010, HONF participated Mal Au Pixel 5, 2010 in Paris, France. HONF was represented by Andreas Siagian who join a conference of Hack/fab/media/alt labs of the world. HONF is the only media lab from Asia who participated in this meeting. In this chance, HONF were presenting open community systematic in inter-community collaborations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Read more

HONF in Next Wave 2010

After 2 weeks of preparation for S.A.T.U (Saturn Analogy of Trans Urgency) project for Structural Integrity of Next Wave Festival 2010 in Melbourne, Australia, HONF have turn their pavilion in to a dark room filled with hexagonal shapes of aluminum structures. In this pavilion, HONF have installed 3 hexagon installations which experimenting on the influence of Ultra-sound and Infra-sound impact that is undetected by human sensors. A near Ultrasonic audible sounds is also installed to give the audience the feeling of existence inside of the space. Read more