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Pop Up Laboratory

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POP UP LABORATORY [incubation for diy bio & biohacking]
22 – 29 November 2018
Dia Hamed, Irene Agrivina and Yudianto Asmoro


22 – 28 November 2018
14.00 – 18.00 WIB
Laboratorium Inkubasi
Riset Kreatif
Membuat, merangkai dan meretas

29 November 2018
Presentasi dan showcase


Terbuka untuk umum, tempat terbatas, pendaftaran

Irene Agrivina | 087838636074


The exhibition of Austrian artist Alexandra Zedtwitz, deals with the topic of exploration.
It consists of two parts: a series of polaroids arranged in diptych compositions and a tableau vivant.
For the tableau vivant the artist collaborated with local Santi Gallery to create seven outfits made out of handwoven Lurik fabric.
Alexandra Zedtwitz is a designer and photographer.
Her pictures are soft and clear, asyndetic and calm.
Natural special effects, ephemeral and transitional situations framed in minimalist compositions and clean colours.
She describes an unaltered image between fiction and documentation. Her focus lies on instant film.
There is no negative, only a positive, which has physically been present at the depicted scene.
The material is strong. Between the layers the atmosphere is captured and every picture is unique.
It’s depth adds a mystic quality to the image.
Alexandra Zedtwitz lives and works in Vienna


23/6/2018 – 7pm

Gamelan Performance by RAKITIKAR
Tableu Vivant & Fashion Performance

Jl. Langenastran Lor No. 16 Yogyakarta

Powered by HONF Foundation
Supported by BKA Austria Kunst


SPATIAL | vision, imagination and reality
A drawing exhibition

What if the human eye doesn’t actually ever create a true image of what we see, instead generating an abstract version of physical reality?
This exhibition will present the relationship between vision, imagination and reality that sits at the cross-roads between science, psychology and art.

Utin Rini
Ican Harem
Anna Nurwidayanti
Bonita Margaret
Ronny Sanjaya
Dhoni Yudhanto
Mahaputra Vito

Bagus Satya
Rupa Bule
Ipo Hadi
Anggito Rahman
S.Gatot “Bofag” Supardi
Nadia Diandra
Daniel Bagas
Lois Nur Tya
Dwiky K.A
Farid Stevy Asta
Venzha Christ

5 – 13 June 2018
5 June 2018 | 8 pm onward
HONF Citizen Space
Jl. Langenastran Lor No. 16 A YK

Opening Act
Curated by Irene Agrivina

Powered by HONF Foundation & Djasuma Production

C6H12O6 + O2 for 22nd IFVA Festival

Proud to announce that the C6H12O6 + O2 Project by Irene Agrivina won the Silver Award on Media Art category at 22nd IFVA Festival, Hongkong.

C6H12O6+O2 uses the symbiotic relation between Azolla, a unique water fern, and Anabaena (Cyanobacteria). Cyanobacteria is the only species that can perform oxygen-generating photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation. The photosynthesis of Azolla and Anabaena generates useful products like biofertiliser. In the process, Azolla reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere, helping to alleviate the threat of climate change.

Exhibition Period: 9-29/3, 12pm-8pm
Venue:  Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre

source: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Sunday Sharing Spirit

self made cart, reinforced to the regular motorbike to accommodates wheelchair
self made cart, reinforced to the regular motorbike to accommodates wheelchair

Sharing Spirit was a session of meeting with disable community that been visited us on Sunday, January 29th at HONFablab.
We had old and new friends visited our Honfablab and talking about future collaboration for hacking disability using our machines. Some of them are our ex students at Yakkum Rehabilitation Centre, they grew up become strong independent man and woman. So proud of them!

The group of community visit our lab to exchange stories
The group of community visit our lab to exchange stories

Disability aids are been impressively innovated and manufactured and available in the market globally. Either in Indonesia or anywhere in the world, by orthopedic clinics or orthopedic industries. Although, many disability and mobility aids solutions are available, it would be another story if you can’t afford to buy it!

The unfortunate condition may lead and forces most of them to alternatively seek and wait for help. With the same needs and same rights to have access on disability aids, They seek the opportunity to elevate their luck by founding a community network to distribute any communication, news, or any medical help distributions. The spirit to have self effort and help among the member of the community inspires both of them and us to have future work and collaboration on “Hacking Disabilities”.

We present them about our lab facilities and our activities
We present them about our lab facilities and our activities

a Report from SETI Conference

Just about v.u.f.o.c lab finished their public presentation-exhibition at ARTJOG 2016 “Universal Influence” for its ISSS (Indonesia Space Science Society) presented by Venzha Christ, an international conference being held on 20th July 2016 at the same venue as ARTJOG 9, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The conference tittled S.E.T.I (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligent: Evolution of the Unknown) invites experts whom focused on the field of science & space science, astronomy, data research and data collecting, astrology, extra-terrestrial conspiracy research and citizen science. The conference also wider its range into science-fiction and citizen discoveries on the other science, that always intriguing to be discussed and debated. Many discoveries are presented not only by academic and mainstream level of science/scientist, but also how the citizen are contributed on scientific theories and discoveries.
The S.E.T.I conference is the first of its kind that being held in South East Asia. It aimed to be an open forum to share knowledges, exploration, discoveries amongs practitioners, academics, scientists and citizen initiative science and anyone that are interested on this area. The next conference will be held in Japan and USA.
The conference opened by Venzha Christ with the welcoming speech by KPH.Wironegoro, and Prof. Rene T.A. Lysloff moderate the 2nd session after Venzha moderate the 1st. Several experts and practitioners were invited are (by session, links of each presentation can be downloaded as PDF file):
Stella Seah, Art Science Museum, Singapore. (unfortunately her presentation files can’t be shared)
Gustaff Hariman Iskandar, Indonesia: A Note from Kasepuhan CiptaGelar “Revisiting Pranatamangsa” — Download PDF
Rhorom Priyatikanto, Indonesia (Researcher, LAPAN / Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space / Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional) — Download PDF
Yusuke Murakami, Japan (Executive Officer, Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station / FMARS): “Life in the Extremes” — Download PDF
Yudianto Asmoro, Indonesia (Senior Engineer): “Radio Astronomy” — Download PDF
Hasmi (the first generation of Indonesia science fiction comic maker), Creator of “GUNDALA PUTRA PETIR”
Nur Agustinus, Indonesia (Founder, BETA UFO Indonesia): BETA UFO Indonesia — Download PDF
Premana W. Permadi, Indonesia (Astronomer / Researcher, Galaxy and Cosmology, BOSSCHA Observatory, Lembang) — Download PDF
Timmy Hartadi, Indonesia (Co-Founder, Turanggaseta): “Nuswantara Code of Atlantis Empire” — Download MP4
Suhardja Wiramihardja, Indonesia (Astronomer / Astronomy Research Group, Institut Teknologi Bandung / ITB): “The  Sundanese and Their Relation to Ethnoastronomy: Time, Seasons, and Megalithicum” —Download PDF
Amrin Hakim, Indonesia (Co-Founder, LPTI-PM): “Maha Data” — Download PDF
After the conference closed around 8-9PM, longer than expected due to so many interesting topics and discussions, continued to S.E.T.I music electronic performance by DJ Ones, Metzdub, Ari Wvlv and visual performance by VJNumberone. Everyone enjoying the star and galaxies scene of the AV perfomance,
Dinner welcoming all speakers:
The Conference at Jogja National Museum:
Closing with AV performaces + Glowing Live Mural
 The video documentation can be viewed here

HONF for rp:14, HONFablab for FAN1

For the second time HONF invited to attend and present the project at the re: publica 2014. Like last year , Irene Agrivina representing HONF which this time brought topic about “Yogya 2015 Summit of Critical Making” in Global Innovation Gathering ( GIG ) , re : publica 2014 from April 2 – May 8, 2014 , Berlin , Germany .

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Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival YIVF#07 Mash Up Video – Open Video 5 – 21 DECEMBER 2011

HONF proudly present YIVF#07 Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival Mash Up Video – Open Video, and The 7th edition of the YIVF is open for 2011 video art entries for this year’s festival. YIVF#07 will take place within the period 5 – 21 December 2011 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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HONFablab (Fablab Yogyakarta) Grand Opening

The House of Natural Fiber (HONF), the Netherlands-based Waag Society, local authorities and guests celebrated the HONFablab grand opening in its new office in Jl Taman Siswa, Yogyakarta on Friday, July 29th, 2011. Yogyakarta Mayor Herry Zudianto delivered an opening speech, in which he show his enthusiasm about the lab, followed by speeches by the Jogja National Museum Executive Director KPH Wironegoro and HONF Director Venzha Christiawan. Read more